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Ping Pong, a shiba in need!

So being a web geek, I like to google ‘pong pong the shiba’ to see who else in their right mind who name their dog fatness, and I notice this posting from petfinder:

Ping Pong . Here’s the description the animal shelter provided:

Ping Pong is a 6 year old red male Shiba Inu. He is neutered and current on vaccinations. Ping Pong’s owner is moving and not able to take Ping Pong. He is in urgent need of a home and will make a great companion. Ping Pong does well with some dogs and cats. A female dog would be more compatible most likely. He wants to display his dominance with other dogs and once established he is mild mannered. He does play with other dogs. He also does well with children and respectful teenagers. He is also usually fine with strangers. He makes a good pet for young and older owners. He is very loyal and enjoys sitting next to you. He likes to stay by your side. He does not jump or bark and he is very clean. He does not slobber or make a mess when eating and he never begs. He is a very nice dog. Ping Pong knows sit, up, lay down, and give paw. He is fine in the house when alone and he does not chew anything. Ping Pong enjoys daily walks. Shiba Inu’s must be walked on leash at all times since they are not reliable off leash. Dogs are pack animals and prefer to live inside with their family members. Please email if you can provide a loving and appropriate home. Home visit and vet references required. Loving homes only who are looking for a companion.

I checked out the Animal Rescue and Referral Inc. of Richboro, PA and found out they’ve also dubbed him as a Jindo. He definitely looks more like a Jindo than Shiba, especially with the loyal characteristics.

I notice also another shiba they have:

Rocky is an un-neutered male Shiba Inu; he is current on shots; 12+lbs; 2 years old; housetrained; crate trained but can have the run of the house for a short time. He is good with dogs and older kids; he hasn’t been exposed to small kids or cats. He walks well on the leash. Very lovable with people. He should be fed away from other pets or he will be aggressive towards another if they will approach his food bowl. He is cute, playful and enjoys walks. Rocky’s owner is giving him up because she is soon to be a single mom and would have too much to handle.

Here’s the number to the shelter if anyone’s interested: 215-322-9251

Jindos are typically not good for first dog owners. When people think about dogs, they think cute, lovable and cuddly. Like shibas, they do not appreciate getting hold, hugged, or even any hint of cuddling. They like to show their appreciation by not leaving revenge poop all over your furniture. I think that kinda love.. is priceless!