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Pong’s got a big mouth

Sep 09, 2012 - Dailys - 0 Comments - Standard

Typical yawn of bordem from Pongy. So she’ll take a break in her corner, catching up on some zzzs. Then back to playtime!

This is what happens when you’re too slow

Oct 29, 2010 - Pong Pong - 3 Comments - Standard

After the dog harness is put on Pong Pong she goes into a 1 minute frenzy and if we’re not out of the door, she turns pouty and lies down like this. “Next time mom, get your shit ready before putting this on me”

I’m Next!

Oct 23, 2010 - Off Topic - 2 Comments - Standard

I remember I used to feed Pongy with a spoon when she was little. I wanted her to not have food aggression but it had an adverse side effect. After a while, she wouldn’t eat from the bowl and waits for me to feed her. Spoiled monkey. Now, she eats whatever from her bowl and […]

I sleep on what I kill

Oct 18, 2010 - Pong Pong - 5 Comments - Standard

My dad took this picture of Pong Pong who enjoys sleeping in the morning. I bought this for her when she was less than one years old. I’m glad she decides to enjoy it now :P