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Computer Nerd

Jan 13, 2009 - Jada the Shiba - 0 Comments - Standard

As you can tell, Jada is a complete nerd: [singlepic id=15 w=400 float=center] Or maybe she’s just self-absorbed. She went to see the v-e-t today and got all her initial shots for puppies. Then she went to visit Crazy Uncle Loki and Always Hungry Pong Pong where she had tons of fun playing and hiding. […]

Hi! My name is Jada!

Jan 12, 2009 - Jada the Shiba - 0 Comments - Standard

Hello. I’m only 9 weeks old and I am a cream shiba inu. Dad and mom keep saying Jada so I think that’s my name. They are pretty funny. They keep trying to build this big fence but they are so stupid. I keep taking it down because I dont see a need for it. […]