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I’m Next!

Oct 23, 2010 - Off Topic - 2 Comments - Standard

I remember I used to feed Pongy with a spoon when she was little. I wanted her to not have food aggression but it had an adverse side effect. After a while, she wouldn’t eat from the bowl and waits for me to feed her. Spoiled monkey. Now, she eats whatever from her bowl and […]

Time is Fleeting

Jul 22, 2010 - Off Topic - 2 Comments - Standard

I can’t believe it’s been about 2 months since I’ve posted. My parents have been taking care of Pong Pong since they are in LOVE with her. She is enjoying the good life of being pampered and dotted on by my baby nephew. They’re getting along better ever since she discovered that he is the […]

I miss my Goggie

Mar 18, 2010 - Off Topic - 2 Comments - Standard

So the big news (to the folks that aren’t my facebook friends) I’ve moved! It took several weekends of painting and cleaning my new apartment, but I finally took the initiative and stayed here starting two nights ago. I have to admit it: I love living by myself. I love that only MY decision counts […]

It Must be Hard Being Righteous All the Time

Mar 03, 2010 - Off Topic - 7 Comments - Standard

I’ve been silently following an argument about the lack of support in the shiba rescue community. The main point is, there seems to be a lot of shiba owners, but not enough shiba rescuers. The thing is, a lot of pet owners are not interested in helping out homeless animals. Everyone have seen the sad […]


Feb 15, 2010 - Off Topic - 0 Comments - Standard

Yes, it is technically Pong related, and no, I am not sending her to ‘the farm’.