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Normal Pong^2

Sep 11, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

Today was one of the most NORMAL days Pong^2 has had. She pooped on our 1.8 miles walk and peed 3 times! She didn’t have diarrhea or throw up which is good. On our walk today we met a cocker mix (it was white and black, kinda looks like Kay’s aunt’s dog) and a miniature […]

Poopin’ Pong

Sep 10, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

This dog will be the death of me. She somehow got upstairs (probably just knocked down the flimsy box we use as a gate) and pooped on the carpet. TWICE. After cleaning that up, I notice a few spots on the floor (the part that is thankfully covered in fake plastic flooring) and realize she […]

First Official Walk

Sep 10, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

After dinner, we went for a (speed) walk and met 1 Boston Terrier, 1 German Shepherd mix, and 1 Poodle. Pong Pong sat down only once and walk fast as hell the rest of the time. We walked about… 1.3km (.80 miles) and I’m not sure how long that took. But I’ll keep a better […]

Sunday Picture Time!

Sep 09, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

Relaxing froggy style. Check out my jingly rabies (shot) tag. what? I’m tired. I need sleep 23/7. I’m thinking thoughtfully while lying down. Well I can touch my nose at 16 inches.. But I can only bite at 14! That was tiring mommy. Can I get a treat now?


Sep 09, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

I need to find a way to organize this.. I think every sunday there should be photos of Pong to see how she’s grown w/ a ruler. I need a scale too. I also need to start writing in this everyday! On Friday, Pong^2 got her rabies shot and her booster shots in Bordetella, Coronoa […]