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Currently at the vet

They are taking a bloodtest and xrays to see what’s wrong with her. She was puking and whining this morning so we took her to the emergency hospital.

Edit: they didn’t find anything and ruled out pancretitis. Did an xray and it showed her tummy as full. She’s on fluids and anti diarehha meds for now.

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  1. Josh

    GET WELL SOON!!!!!

    26 Sep 2009 - Reply
  2. Jen

    Uh oh! Hope she’s better soon!

    Our creamie female will do a week of occasional vomit, shaking, whimpering. We stopped rushing to the e-vet b/c they can never figure it out. Hmmmm

    1 Oct 2009 - Reply
    • Jenny

      Thanks! She usually doesn’t do that.. but it might’ve just been a fluke this time.

      8 Oct 2009 - Reply

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