Jan 17, 2009 - 0 Comments - Jada the Shiba -

And than I realized I had a Shiba…

She’s been steadily getting more and more comfortable with Jenny and I. It’s crazy how it’s only been just about a week with my new puppy but it feels like an eternity. I really don’t sleep 8 hours straight anymore but surprisingly I’m never all that tired from waking every 2-3 hours to let her pee/poo.

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In fact, I kind of enjoy knowing that she’s learning everytime that she wants to pee that she waits for me to pick her up and take her outside. She gives me this “look” like “uh dad, out… now.”

I’m glad her poop is better and since the Vet hasn’t called me about her stool sample I’m assuming it’s okay. We’re still feeding her chicken and rice. I want to start buying organic puppy food for her but I want to go through the stuff we have now.

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Her behavior towards Nizmo, a shitzu at our apartment, was very aggressive. She literally torpedoed into Nizmo and than proceeded to play(?) by barking and egging Nizmo to chase her. I hope this aggression doesn’t turn into something else later on.

Another issue I’ve been thinking about is crating. I don’t want to crate her at night. I don’t have a problem with her on the bed and pee’ing. I keep reading that it’s better for her in the long run to learn that the crate is her “den” and that it’ll help “housebreak” her faster.

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I just hope I wont live to regret this decision later. I’m hoping that her “shiba’ness” will house break her from wanting to pee in the house. Amazingly, I’ve never caught her poo’ing anywhere but outside.. (doesn’t mean she hasn’t done it and just eaten it).