Jan 14, 2009 - 0 Comments - Jada the Shiba -

B-Day (Not birthday… BATH DAY!)

Jenny and I decided that the puppy smell was unbearable and we had to do something about it. I read briefly somewhere that a pup between 5-6lbs is okay to bathe. Thus, at 5.8lbs, we gave her the inaugural bath.

[singlepic id=8 w=400 float=center]

After the bath came the cleaning and than drying. She went straight to my laundry bag and slept in it out of anger.

[singlepic id=12 w=400 float=center]

[singlepic id=11 w=400 float=center]

I forgot if I mentioned before that she had been introduced to Pong Pong. And already Pong had taught her a valuable lesson in trying to steal food from Jenny and I…

[singlepic id=9 w=400 float=center]

And finally, I know that playing tug -o- war with your puppy is fun but playing with a stubborn shiba cannot be described unless shown with a picture.

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