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Dog Insurance

After witnessing my best friend go through an absolute terror with his french bulldog, I have been contemplating as “daddy” to buy my “daughter” some pet insurance.

After reviewing at http://www.petinsurancereview.com/, I was leaning towards ASPCA insurance. I read most of the reviews that were complaints about “re-existing injury/diseases” but I was thinking about just using them for 1 year just in case Jada has any “puppy mill” issues.

Pete told me not to get it in the end. My cousin Sue and Joy are both suggesting that I do. Sue also went through quite an ordeal with Brownie (she has a chronic seizure problem).

I’m going to think about it a little more before I make my final decision regarding insurance.

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  1. Kay/Loki

    It might actually be a better idea to start a savings fund for Jada. That’s what I decided to do a while ago when I was trying to decide whether to buy it for Loki/Glitter or not. I started off with $1000 each pet, and always make sure that I have that fund available for them if necessary. (Basically, at minimum, I keep $2000 cash for Loki/Glitter). Pet insurance is really expensive and they don’t typically pick up the entire cost anyway (after co-pay, deductibles, etc. it sometimes really don’t even make sense to keep the policy). I looked at the costs for stuff like cancer, hip dysplasia, allergies, etc. and just decided that if I ever used the insurance, it’d only be useful for something like if Loki were to get hit by a car.

    If you’re worried about puppy mill breeding issues (for the first year), they probably won’t hit until later on (past a year). I’m not sure what issues Shibas have, but I know with Vizslas, the typical things don’t develop until they’re full grown.

    The only thing I’d be worried about with a new puppy is the whole parvo issue. I’d hope the initial set of testing would’ve already picked up any lingering illnesses from the puppy mill (including parvo) and you don’t seem like the type to take risks with Jada… Just be careful with her until she gets all her vaccines. Then, she’ll be the terror you’ve always wanted :D

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