Jan 12, 2009 - 0 Comments - Jada the Shiba -

Hi! My name is Jada!


I’m only 9 weeks old and I am a cream shiba inu. Dad and mom keep saying Jada so I think that’s my name. They are pretty funny. They keep trying to build this big fence but they are so stupid. I keep taking it down because I dont see a need for it.

Jada as a Puppy

My first night in my new room was scary. I didn’t like the fact that my sister wasn’t with me and daddy and mommy thought that sleeping by themselves was the right way so I had to let them know all night that we need to be sleeping TOGETHER! I don’t understand how they can sleep without being on top of one another.

I made dad sleep with me down on the floor. But than my tummy started hurting so I woke him up when I decided to throw up the stuff in my tummy that made me feel bleh.

I think daddy said something about going to the doctor but they are silly.  I feel fine.  But my poopy is all watery so I just wont poop until I think it’ll go back to normal.