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Proper Introduction of Maggie


This is Maggie, aka Magnate/Magnemite. He’s staying with my housemate for a while and is definitely a more active dog than both Jada and Pong Pong. At first, the dogs played pretty well. When they finally figured out the fact that Maggie was here to stay for a bit, the dogs had to figure out heirarchy. Even though Maggie is a male shiba, he is very submissive. He plays pretty rough and flips Jada over a few times but no aggression with people and does not beg for food. There was a few instances where Pong and Maggie went from rough playing into the beginning of a fight. But we quickly broke it up and they forgot about it fairly quickly. He definitely does not cause or instigate. He loves to rough play with Jada and I think Jada has met her match :P

He’s afraid of certain noises and sounds but it isn’t too bad. He also loves hiding under the bed with Jada. Pretty fast dood with a lot going on. Here’s a few pictures from the dog park that we went to today:

It started raining while we were there so Gi and I hurried back to the car and headed home. Overall, it was a good trip though our shibas turns out to be the ONLY dogs that stayed by the gate and kept trying to get out while dogs and humans tried to come in. Sigh..

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  1. t pain wain

    magnate looks so… naked!

    27 Jul 2009 - Reply
  2. Annie

    Oh!! They all look like they had a blast and magnate must be thrilled to be off a leash while outside =) love the pics!

    27 Jul 2009 - Reply

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