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Pumpkin Pie Time!

mm.. Pumpkin Pie

The one thing I love about Halloween is pumpkin pie. It’s so delicious and it only comes around once a year.

Apparently, Pongy notices this and demands to have some. Well, she demands to have any food you have on your plate.

Pongy & Pie

Jada is also nearby, waiting for Pong to get a piece so she can steal it.

Jada Watching

Pong Pong sense the Jada-ness and decides to get CLOSER (if possible)

Primo Spot

That’s like primo spot for crumb droppings. Unfortunately, I started eating the pie, causing the other stalker to come closer.

Jada Stalker

It’s kinda hard to eat pie while 4 beady eyes are staring at you, but I managed :) yum yum.

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  1. Josh

    OOOOOO… lovely photos!! Got the new camera working and all??

    11 Oct 2009 - Reply

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