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1st Exercise Stats!

I sound more excited than I should since I have been a bum this week.

Since January 15th, Pong and I have walked 13 times, at a total distance of 17.40 miles which concludes to 6 hours and 57 minutes.

It may seem like big numbers, but it really isn’t. That’s an average of 1.09 miles a day. I did skip a few days (especially weekends!) so hopefully I can increase this by the next month.

Here’s a video of Pongy on one of our walks:

The moment she saw the ball, she had to play with it. Then she got distracted by something so she walked away. I swear, she played with that ball for a good 5 minutes before I pulled out the iphone.

Goal for next month: 2.5 miles avg per day! :)