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‘Can I pet your dogs?’

Walking around with two shibas attracts a lot of little grubby hands and the occasional non-little hands. Usually it’s the kids that DON’T ask and goes for it. It’s a big no no in my book since Jada is a scaredy cat and has a tendency to flight, then bark courageously behind me which scares a lot of people being that she’s a whole 20 pounds. Pongy is more hand friendly but sudden moves makes her think you are playing the ‘avoid capture!’ game.

Truly, I wish my dogs were more human friendly. I wish people could go up to them and pet them till they are bald. However, I don’t always get what I want! Definitely ask the owner if you can pet their dogs! It is a bit different at a dog park where you can tell certain dogs just WANT AFFECTION. They come up next to you and does the cat touch all around your body, demanding a pet. It is another thing when YOU see a cute, adorable looking dog and running after it so you can pet it.

So to summarize: Don’t. pet. my. dogs. unless I give the okay or my dogs do. Here’s some obvious signs that a dog is friendly:

1. They approach you, sticking their head into your hand.

2. They do a circle butt sit right on your feet.

3. The figure eight around your legs. Yah, dogs do it too.

Those are sure tell signs that they want your affection. Otherwise, scram!

2 Responses to ‘Can I pet your dogs?’

  1. Kay

    touchtouchtouchtouchtouch. can’t stop meeee.

    and is my dog one of those cat touch dogs?

    27 Sep 2009 - Reply
  2. Ting

    Definitely with you on this one.

    17 Jan 2010 - Reply

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