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How Much Love is too much Love?

Jon and Pongy, sitting on the floor, S L E E P I N GGGG

A lot of people think we are overly obsessive with our dogs. They are right! We buy them premium dog foods like Call of the Wild and Orijin and feed them steaks! STEAKS!!! We let them roam around the house like they own it. They chew up most of our worldly possessions like shoes and timing belt warranties. We talk about them excessively to anybody that can listen.

But is that good? Should we let them walk all over us? Perhaps actually get a life outside of dogs? Psh, impossible. When you own a dog, that’s a lifetime responsibility. It’s hard for me to go out without thinking if it is somewhere that I can take the dogs to. I can’t stop but pet and snuggle up next to them when they are trying to pretend to sleep (you know they’re just waiting till you drop that morsel of food that’s in your hand).

A dog is NOT a kid and we are not using the dogs as the substitute for one. Jen mentions this in her blog entry, “My Dogs are not babies“. She makes a point that a dog is a companion, not a child. A dog (or several dogs!) is your best friend, not your future (or current) flesh and blood. I believe the love between your kid and your dog is different. That doesn’t mean it has to be one or the other though. Kids and dogs have coexists for decades so it doesn’t mean when you have a youngn, you lose the dog!

Besides, it’s much harder to take care of a kid! What am I supposed to do when the kid poops? Pick it up with a pooper scooper and tell him to stop eating it?! I don’t think so!