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I miss my Goggie

So the big news (to the folks that aren’t my facebook friends) I’ve moved! It took several weekends of painting and cleaning my new apartment, but I finally took the initiative and stayed here starting two nights ago.

I have to admit it: I love living by myself. I love that only MY decision counts in the furniture (as crappy as it is), the placement of stuffs, and the freedom of doing what I want! It’s awesome! Plus, my commute to work is shorter and the scenery is beautiful.

Due to the fact that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen this week schedule wise, I’ve opted to leave Pong Pong at my parents’ house for the past few days. I get to see her tomorrow when I head back to lug more stuff that I forgotten. Since it’s going to be good weather in Jersey over the weekend, we’re going to explore the new place and town and see what dog friendly activities there are.

I can’t waits to see my Pongyyy!

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  1. jen

    awesome! congrats! good luck!

    18 Mar 2010 - Reply
    • Jenny

      thanks :)

      19 Mar 2010 - Reply

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