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Shibatude Lesson #134634

The Sit and Stare

It usually mean they want something. That oh so intent stare as if they KNOW you can read their thoughts, but really you can’t. Whether it is because they want out of the room,  in the room, outside, need to go mom, MOM MOM MOM, it’ll frustrate you. You try and stare back, pretending that you are the ‘pack leader’ but instead, you try every possible thing to get them to stop staring.

“I just took you outside and you didn’t want to go!”, “I gave you massive amounts of pets where it resulted in me coated with fur!”, “Do you want a treat?!”, “WHAT WHAT WHAT?!”

Then you start threatening them with evil things like brushing them, turning on the vacuum, perhaps a bath will stop the staring though both of you know fully well you are way too lazy to do either of those things.

Then they walk away, satisfied that they’ve accomplished in annoying the crap out of you because they KNOW HOW TO PUSH YOUR DAMN BUTTONS!

Saw this picture on tumblr which caused me to do this post:

you all know it, just obey it.