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What is theINUs?

Well, Inu is the Japanese word of dog. Hence, the dog breed is called SHIBA INU aka brushwood dog. My dogs definitely love eating wood so the name suits them.

Yah yah I get it funny lady. But you didn’t answer my question. What is this site about?

This site is about shiba inus! DOH! More specifically, this is where I will be posting daily habits of my dogs (sleeping and eating mostly) and other shiba inu news.

Shiba Inu have news?

Yes.. yes they do. They need to tell everyone when they will be awake and when they will be sleeping. Just kidding. There is a lot of information about shiba inus that most people don’t know about and I’m here to help educate those damn lucky individuals.

Doesn’t Pong and Jada already have their own blogs..?

Yah.. and Jon never updated Jada’s blog was I thought it was pretty pointless. I decided to conslidate both of them and make this one! Both of them have links back to this one but I’ll be leaving them up as archives :) Most likely, I’ll move them to a subdomain of theINUs.com and redirect the domains to here.

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  1. Peterson

    This site is soooo leet. I love the pictures of all the pretty inus. inus are the best dogs ever!!!!!!

    8 Jul 2009 - Reply

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