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A crazy thing happened. Just now.

Pong Pong was receiving apple slices as an after dinner snack. I accidently gave her the last 2 slices and she began walking away with them instead of eating them on the spot. Pongy has a tendency to horde if she can’t eat it all without dropping the food. I gave her a stern ‘ehhh’; she stopped in her path, looked at me, and slowly walked back with the slices still in her mouth. She then dropped both slices and began to eat it right in front of me instead of ruining the carpeted area she was intent on hiding her snack.

Human 1, Shiba 294901283293.

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  1. Jen

    “Human 1, Shiba 294901283293.”

    Nice count. Wholly accurate.

    27 Jan 2010 - Reply

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