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Bamboo != Digestible

More specifically, bamboo shoots are not digestible to Pong Pong. My dad mentioned it once before in the passing that Pong Pong would regurgitate cooked bamboo shoots 2 days afterwards. I’ve completely forgotten about it until recently when I went over to my friend Kay’s house. Pong Pong decided to regurgitate 2 completely whole bamboo shoots right at her house (embarrassing! Actually now that I think about it, I probably have destroyed/damaged one thing or another at Kay’s house during every visit).

I tried googling for some answers but the first page results didn’t reveal anything. I know, my attention span is pretty low. I do better if I’m web stalking, uh I mean ‘finding’ individuals rather than bamboo puke.

Has anyone else have similar results?

P.S. I know, Bamboo != Digestible doesn’t make sense. It should probably be something like this:

$digestibleToDogs[] = [‘apple slices’,’half eaten pizza’,’gum off the sidewalk’,’toilet paper’]

if(!in_array(‘bamboo shoots’, $digestibleToDogs))

echo ‘Bamboo Shoots are not digestible!’;

P.P.S. I really need to get out more.

4 Responses to Bamboo != Digestible

  1. Kay

    Don’t lie. I know you do it on purpose and I know you’re not embarrassed!

    26 Feb 2010 - Reply
  2. Gi Ming Pang

    haha great photo… very glamour shots-esque

    26 Feb 2010 - Reply
  3. Mongoose

    Wow, you’re such a nerd! LOL

    I’ve never tried feeding bamboo shoots to my dog, so I can’t help. I just wanted to say, your dog is gorgeous!

    26 Feb 2010 - Reply
  4. ting

    Never thought about giving bamboo shoots to Shio. But this is good to know! We gave him bok choy the other day and it seemed to work out okay for his digestive system.

    P.S. Is this how you’re designing your pet transport company?

    26 Feb 2010 - Reply

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