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Here we go again!

It is the beginning of the year once again. So what do we do at the beginning of every year?

Start exercising!

I know, it sounds crazy but I am going to try and stick with it this time. Pong Pong has also put on some winter weight so both of us are going to work out together.

I am currently using various exercises to keep it ‘fresh’. I’m not really a fan of going to the gym and running on a treadmill like a mouse with its wheel. But, if it’s going to add variety into routine, so be it. Besides, I already promise a certain shortness (aka Kay) I would. So along with going to the gym (once a week), I will be walking Pongy at least once a day 40-50 minutes at a time (don’t worry, my dad walks her every 3 hours so she gets plenty of exercise. She just chooses to eat more to compensate :P).

To keep track of our walks, I installed this app on my phone: RunKeeper.com. It uses the GPS on my iPhone 3Gs and keeps track of the walks. The app can time my walk, show exactly where I went, and how many calories I burn. It also allows you to play music AT THE SAME TIME! If you are an iPhone user, you know how significant running multiple apps is.

Here’s today’s walk:

Duration: 0:40:35

Distance: 1.68 mi

Avg. Pace: 24:12 per mi

Burned: 160 calories

I blame the slowness on a certain dog who insist on sniffing everything.

It’s pretty nifty but I wish there was more options in filtering. Perhaps I need to accumulate more walks to see more features.. lol. I’ll be updating weekly on my progress with RunsKeeper!

Another thing I will be doing while the Chunky (new nickename for Pongy) watch and laugh is exercises on my exercise ball. I know, it’s nuts exercising with something that’s named after the activity!

Also, I got the Wii Fit Plus on recommendation of my co-worker and it’s pretty fun. I gotta admit I was one of the few that thought it was pretty silly that someone would want to exercise INDOORS and on a video game system no less. But those nintendo people know what they are doing! The Wii Fit also has a “Pet Stats” feature where you can weigh your dog! Pong Pong unfortunately is at 31 pounds….

I think when she was 26-7 lbs she looked the best and was the most healthy. I am going to try to get her back to that point hopefully by May and before the summer heat.

If I exercise, that means I can eat more right?

So our goal by May 1st: Pong Pong go down to 27 pounds (about 4 lbs need to disappear!) and I lose 10 pounds. Totally doable.. I think. I am sure sharing this with the interwebs will either embarrass me into actually following through or I will never post again out of shame.

Either or works for me :D

3 Responses to Here we go again!

  1. Ting

    Good luck with your new exercise routine! I love that dogs always inspire people to go outside and be active. Shio and I (and sometimes Josh :P) will walk with you in spirit in NYC!

    16 Jan 2010 - Reply
    • Jenny

      Thanks! One of the reasons I got Pongy was to get active but that was 2 years ago..hehe. Now I am making up for lost times :)

      17 Jan 2010 - Reply
  2. Kay

    We’ll see how long that lasts :D jk, jk. Good luck. I’ll be here to push you =P

    17 Jan 2010 - Reply

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