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I sleep on what I kill

My dad took this picture of Pong Pong who enjoys sleeping in the morning. I bought this for her when she was less than one years old. I’m glad she decides to enjoy it now :P

5 Responses to I sleep on what I kill

  1. Cynthia

    That’s the cutest bed I’ve ever seen :)

    19 Oct 2010 - Reply
  2. jen

    cutest bed ever!!!

    19 Oct 2010 - Reply
  3. ting

    wow… i want to sleep on that bed.

    20 Oct 2010 - Reply
  4. shiba-owner

    where did you get that bed? I have 2 shibas and want to get them a cute bed like this

    21 Nov 2010 - Reply
    • Jenny

      I got in on orvis.com. But it looks like they don’t have it anymore :(

      14 Dec 2010 - Reply

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