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New Lens :)

So I got the 50mm after I was told that they didn’t have 35mm for a dslr?? I thought you can but.. the sales guy must’ve misunderstood what  I was saying. I probably wasn’t using the right terminology either way. I definitely feel that though the 50mm is excellent, I would’ve been better with the 35mm since I have to step WAYYY back to get a full body picture. Maybe I’ll finally know what to ask my parents to get me for Christmas. I already bought the flash and 50mm as a present for me XD

Anyways, back on to the relevant topic of dogs!

We are slowly getting Pongy desensitized to babies, or at least baby Logan. Both pups are not fond of very fast moving and making weird noises little people. But we’re getting there!

Logan petting Pongy

Logan & Pongy

Logan was even able to grab a fistful of Pongy’s hair with no reaction. Pongy was submissive but I could tell she was also a little nervous. Fortunately, my dad and my mom kept petting her to keep her calm while I snapped away at her  misfortune :D

I didn’t bring Jada home this time around because Jada has a very excitable puppy energy. She is still rowdy and don’t have any manners. Both dogs have been around the baby before but not one to one interaction. I was afraid she would nip at Logan and while she doesn’t mean any harm, a nip at a baby is not the same as a nip to an adult.

My sister wanted me to take a picture of her and Pongy while she’s all dressed up :)

Sister & Pongy

As you can tell, Pongy is not a happy camper :D But she tolerates the annoyance knowing every time we go to my parents’ house, she gets overfed :)

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  1. Josh

    Love the photos with the new lens. A 50mm for your camera is like the equivalent of 75mm or so — that’s why you have to step back! Hehehe…

    9 Nov 2009 - Reply
    • Jenny

      I know! I’m so mad now that I could’ve gotten a 35mm somewhere else!!! Stupid salesman!

      9 Nov 2009 - Reply

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