Sep 09, 2007 - 0 Comments - Pong^2 -


I need to find a way to organize this.. I think every sunday there should be photos of Pong to see how she’s grown w/ a ruler. I need a scale too.

I also need to start writing in this everyday!

On Friday, Pong^2 got her rabies shot and her booster shots in Bordetella, Coronoa and distemper Parvo! She was pretty tired after that and had a bit of diarrhea which the Vet said it was normal.

Heh heh, she got an extra tag for her rabies shot and now she jingles like nuts. At least I know when she wakes up and need to go potty.

And I leave with, Advantix for Canine is EXPENSIVE for 1 month. 15.95 bucks. what a JIP.