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Real first day

So this morning we went for a quick walk and Pongy decided that I was walking too fast so to slow me down, she just sat. Then lied down. I had to pick up her harness and get her back on her feet again.

Fast forward, I’m in my car getting ready to leave for work and realize I forgot my wallet. I go back in the house and didn’t close the door all the way. Bam, shiba gone. The little rascal had me chasing her for a good 15 minutes before she decides to jump into my car. So what the hell, I took her to work with me where she did absolutely nothing except sleep and the occasional begging.

The following are some pictures of the walk we took after we got home :) The sky was really beautiful.. it was like the sun was trying to break through after the rainstorm.

2 Responses to Real first day

  1. Masako

    wow… beautiful place for a walk!

    26 Mar 2010 - Reply
  2. jen

    whoa, scary! glad you got her in the car!

    2 Apr 2010 - Reply

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