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Sleeping with Pong Pong

Sleeping Arrangements

In the first frame, everything is good, or so it seems. This is ‘Pong Pong Pretending to Sleep’ stage. She pushes her way between Jon and I and closes her eyes.

The second frame show her stretching out her legs and slowly expanding. At this moment, if you move out of her way, she moves closer. She would like to justify that as needing a warm body to touch, or use as a pillow for her heavy heavy head.

The third frame explains what happens if you don’t watch out for her ‘signs’. She somehow gets double her usual size and pushes Jon and I to the edge and sleeping on our side. Jada, as you may have notice have jumped off at this due to the shift and fear of getting squished and retreated to the Jada cave (which concludes of 1 dog bed and multiple blankets underneath a utility shelf we use for the closet). It’s hard to get Pong Pong to shrink again because you can’t cuddle with her without going diagonal and completely push the other person off the bed. Plus, at this point, you aren’t even awake. Your body has realize the new expansion and moved to compliment it. Only when you wake up and notice a strain on your shoulder and your immobile arm from sleeping on it do you realize that you have been PONGED.

3 Responses to Sleeping with Pong Pong

  1. Gi

    lololol this is so funny… and so true! even me and peter know this.

    drew this picture at work, didn’t ya? working hard i see.

    9 Dec 2009 - Reply
  2. Cynthia

    Lol, that is a classical Shiba strategy :)

    10 Dec 2009 - Reply
  3. Jon

    I usually just pick her up if I wake up and assist her off my bed. But she usually just goes in a circle around to Jenny’s side, mount back up at our feet, wait until i pass out (which is just seconds later) and the process begins all over.

    10 Dec 2009 - Reply

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