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This is what happens when you’re too slow

After the dog harness is put on Pong Pong she goes into a 1 minute frenzy and if we’re not out of the door, she turns pouty and lies down like this.

“Next time mom, get your shit ready before putting this on me”

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  1. shibasenji

    Funny — our shiba used to do this thing where he’d “pretend” to fall asleep in his harness if we took more than a minute to get everything together, in order to avoid going outside (yeah, he didn’t like the big city he grew up in — go figure, we had a dog that didn’t like going outside).

    29 Oct 2010 - Reply
  2. ting

    hahah — so hilarious!

    2 Nov 2010 - Reply
  3. ting

    It’s been a year since your last post Jenny!

    How’s everything?!

    17 Oct 2011 - Reply

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