Shiba FAQ

Here I will list common questions asked by potential shiba owners:

Q. Do shibas play rough?

A. They most certainly do! Some people might even think they’re fighting when they are really playing. They look extremely vicious like the picture below:

Unfortunately, other dogs don’t understand this form of play and can cause some concerns (even fights!) among doggie parents. If you are at a dog park, always watch your dog and make sure that he or she stays safe and know when to back off when a dog does not want to play.

Q. Do Shiba Inus shed?

A. Yes they do. My favorite answer when someone asks me if my dog sheds is “Yes. 2 times a year, 6 months at a time.” Shiba Inus blow their coat twice a year where you will get 2-3 weeks of constant shedding. You will be thinking that your dog will go bald with the amount of hair you find on the floor but nope, they are like a chia pet. So instead of the hair growing out, it just falls off and gets into your carpet, clothes, and even food. I’ve grown accustom to picking hair out of my food that it no longer disgusts me. Yeah, you’ll get it when you get one of these creatures.

During their non-blowing-coat season is also known as leave-hair-everywhere season. So what’s the difference? You either vacuum once a week or five times a day.