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Proper Introduction of Maggie

Jul 27, 2009 - Jada, Pong Pong - 2 Comments - Standard

This is Maggie, aka Magnate/Magnemite. He’s staying with my housemate for a while and is definitely a more active dog than both Jada and Pong Pong. At first, the dogs played pretty well. When they finally figured out the fact that Maggie was here to stay for a bit, the dogs had to figure out […]

Personal dog park

Jul 21, 2009 - Jada, Pong Pong - 0 Comments - Standard

I took the dogs to the dog park today and unfortunately there was only 1 dog there that was overly excited to ‘play’ with Jada. The owner left with the dog after about 10 minutes since Simba wouldn’t leave her alone. I felt bad like as if I invaded his space or something. Oh wells. […]

Pongy vs. Husky

Jun 27, 2009 - Videos - 0 Comments - Standard

So Pongy had a tiny fight with a husky at the dog park today. She unfortunately was the under dog and the husky did have a million pounds on her despite her recent weight gain. Jon broke them apart by picking her up and holding her. She did her shiba scream for a good 5 […]