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Dec 05, 2009 - Inu Reviews - 1 Comments - Standard

We recently got two gates to uhm, make the house a safer place for dogs. Yes… not because they are in our faces while we eat or destroy stuff when we’re not home… no. They are working out pretty well and are very solid. These are the ones we got: Summer Infant Decor Extra Tall […]

Currently at the vet

Sep 26, 2009 - Jada - 3 Comments - Standard

They are taking a bloodtest and xrays to see what’s wrong with her. She was puking and whining this morning so we took her to the emergency hospital. Edit: they didn’t find anything and ruled out pancretitis. Did an xray and it showed her tummy as full. She’s on fluids and anti diarehha meds for […]

Dog Mess

Sep 18, 2009 - Destruction - 0 Comments - Standard

I don’t know if u can see it but she basically rainsacked my desk for food and knocked everything off

Makeshift Beds

Aug 29, 2009 - Jada, Pong Pong - 0 Comments - Standard

The dogs decided to make their own beds. (technically Jada I made one for her after she claimed my clothes that was there previously)