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Importing Pong^2 and Jada the Shiba

Aug 17, 2009 - Jada - 0 Comments - Standard

So in the new few weeks.. and months, I will be slowly importing entries from pongup2.com and summeressence.com so it’ll be in one central location. Plus, it’ll allow me to go back easily. Then I can finally get those domains to redirect to here and get rid of wordpress mu! I’m tired of updating it […]

Normal Pong^2

Sep 11, 2007 - Pong^2 - 0 Comments - Standard

Today was one of the most NORMAL days Pong^2 has had. She pooped on our 1.8 miles walk and peed 3 times! She didn’t have diarrhea or throw up which is good. On our walk today we met a cocker mix (it was white and black, kinda looks like Kay’s aunt’s dog) and a miniature […]