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How to Train a Human

There are two ways that Pong Pong shows that she has to go out.

1. She sits and stare either at you or the door. It has to be a proper sit because she only does those at will. No noise is required since you instinctively feel a set of glaring brown eyes on you.

2. Scratching the door. This is a sign of ‘I REALLY HAVE TO GO’. It usually occurs when she has the runs or it’s been a while since MOM YOU FORGOT TO TAKE ME OUT.

I thought about teaching her to ring those bells you put on the door knob if she has to go.. but I’m afraid she’ll use it every 5 minutes because she can.. Plus whenever someone opens the door and it rings, she’ll think it’s time to go out.

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  1. Vi

    Loki does #1. He stares intensely. If he’s really desperate, he’ll paw at us.

    Jujube whines. It’s so annoying, such an irritating sound, but it works.

    29 Apr 2010 - Reply
  2. Ting

    I’m pretty sure we were trained as well by Shio more than he wass trained by us.

    You should make your own bell and hang it on the wall next to your door that Pong Pong usually goes out to go potty (away from any drafts).

    Or another option is to get a counter/bellhop bell to place on the floor next to the door.

    2 May 2010 - Reply

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