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Shiba Play Date featuring Tobias

Pongy, Toby, and Maggie

Derek came over with his shiba, Toby, which makes total shibas in the house to 4! I stopped by the house (had errands to run with the sister and mother) to grab my wallet and my mom was like ‘WTF?!’ Her exact words was: “What are you guys trying to win the contest of having the most shibas?”

All of these pictures were taken by Jon since he was here most of the time. By the time I got back to the house, everyone was just chillaxing in the living room. Toby is a crazy shedder and is very shy. He also WHINES like a husky. As soon as Derek leaves for a few minutes, Toby immediately goes into whiny mode and becomes very anxious. Very unshiba like! I think Toby’s a husky in shiba skin.

Here’s the rest of the pictures of the play date:

Here’s a couple of videos of play time:

As you can see, Grumpy aka Pongy ruins all the fun.

Jada can get very social if it’s just a couple of dogs. At the dog park, she rather stay beside me since the big dogs tend to go after her.